Earth Science Lab - Overview

  • Welcome to Regents Earth Science Lab!


    Earth Science Lab is scheduled every other day for 40 minutes.


    Lab assignments require that students do most of the work with limited teacher instruction. The teacher is there to direct and guide student learning, and to help when needed, NOT to lecture!


    Students must earn 1200 minutes of seat time with passing lab reports BEFORE JUNE 1ST to be eligible to take the Regents Exam.


    Due to the seat time requirement, Lab reports may not be removed from the classroom. This means that they can NOT be taken home. All labs (done or not) are kept in a secure folder by the teacher. Students may sit down with the teacher to review their lab folder at any time.


    ALL make up work must be done at school with the teacher either after school or during study hall or lunch periods. Students will NOT be allowed to miss another subject or class to make up lab work!


    All Earth Science teacher are available for extra help either before or after school! Students can stay with ANY teacher, not just his/her classroom teacher.




    For more detailed course information and grading policy, please read the Course Syllabus!