Course Outline



                                          Miss. Torres                                                                       Room: 104

                                          Email:                                Phone:  816-4480



    §  1 ½ inch binder with dividers (Vocabulary, Grammar, Classwork, Test/Quizzes, Homework)

    §  Pens

    §  Spanish/English dictionary


    §  Students are introduced to grammatical structures and to the vocabulary and expressions relevant to real life situations while developing proficiency in listening, reading, speaking and writing. Throughout the course, exploration of the geography of Spanish-speaking countries, the people and the customs serves to broaden students’ views of the world and their places in it.


    §  to function in a Spanish-speaking culture

    §  to use the language for a lifetime of personal enjoyment

    §  to appreciate the role of Hispanic cultures in a global context

    §  to continue expanding their communicative proficiency for further education or for the workplace.

    Classroom Policies:

    §  Students must be on time for class.

    §  Students must be prepared (Spanish/English dictionary, Notebook, Pens, etc.)

    §  Use Proper language.

    §  Late work will not be accepted.

    §  Students may not leave their desk at the end of class unless dismissed by the teacher.


    Grading Policy:

    §  Participation/Attendance: 10%

    A participation grade is ongoing. Included in this grade are participation, attendance and conduct.

    §  Classwork: 40%

    Class work is any work given during class and collected or checked for a grade.

    §  Test/Quizzes: 40%

    You have two class days from the original test day to make up a test. You must set up a time to come and make up the test during study hall, before or after school. A test may not be made up during class.

    §  Homework: 10%

    Homework is due the day after it has been assigned. Credit will not be given for late or incomplete homework.

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