• Research Project

    Los Artistas de España y América Latina
    Artists of the Spanish Speaking World and Art Analysis

    Due Date:  December 6, 2013

    The following is a research project which will allow you to study the life and works of artist from Spain and Latin America.  After the culmination of the research you will be required to compile all of your information and be as creative as you can, presenting it in a brochure that highlights their life and works.  


    1.    You must inform Miss. Torres of the artist you have chosen.  I have provided you with artist to research.  There is the possibility that another one of your classmates will have the same person.
    2.    You must turn in your research project on the date due:  December 6th.  Early projects will be accepted.  If you project is not handed in on the date due you will loose and automatic 10 points.  Projects handed in past December 5th will not be graded.
    3.    If you are in need of assistance you must ask Miss. Torres for an appointment to come and see her before school, after school or 3rd  period during a study hall only and with prior approval.
    4.    All brochures must be in Spanish and typed.  If you need some assistance first consult your Spanish/English dictionary, textbook or the internet.  After using all those resources you may then come and see Miss. Torres.
    5.    Works of art by the artist must be cut and pasted into the document.  Miss. Torres will explain how to do this when she takes you to the computer lab.
    6.    Make sure that your project is proofread.  If you wish that you information be proofread by Miss. Torres you must make an appointment to see her during the times indicated in #3.
    7.    On December 6th you must hand in the following:
    ______ Brochure
    ______ Typed Data Sheet with a Cover Page
    ______ Resource Sheet (includes where you got the information)
    ______ A Rubric With Your Name

    *Know and understand you will have to find time to work on the project on times other than when Miss. Torres takes you to the library and the computer lab.  For this reason it is important that you use the time provided to you in the library and the computer lab efficiently.

    Click on the link to print the whole project instruction packet.

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