• Hello Families,

    There are a few things that I want to communicate. The following are the main apps and/or platforms we will be using this year.

    Class Dojo-  I will be sending important information in this app and using this as my number one source of communicating with families.  If you are not connected, please send me an email at dwright2@buffaloschools.org so that I can get you connected ASAP. 

     Schoology-  This is where students will find class information, assignments for each subject (Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies), class schedule, send messages, and a lot more.

    Clever- This is where students will find additional apps to complete Asynchronous work, complete assignments, and assessments.

    Microsoft TEAMS- This is the video platform for daily live (Synchronous) instruction.  


    As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns via email dwright2@buffaloschools.org, ClassDojo, or office phone 716-816-4110 ext 1132.


  • The attached link is a suggested schedule provided by our district. Click to access schedule School at Home Daily Schedule


    Suggested Daily Schedule during our time at home:

    Math- Moby Max: 20 minutes a day

    Reading/ELA- Lexia Core 5: 20 minutes a day

    Reading,Science, Social Studies- MyOn: 20 minutes a day  ***Make sure to take the comprehension test after listening to the story***


    All of these Apps can be found in the Clever App


Classroom Procedures & Rules


    Classroom Procedures


    • 1.     Enter classroom quietly
    • 2.     Read Morning Routine
    • 3.     If you have a question raise your hand and wait.  If teacher is busy and it’s an emergency, quietly place hand on teacher’s shoulder and wait.
    • 4.     Competed work goes in basket at the front of the room.
    • 5.     Pencils are sharpened during morning routine time, snack/break time, or free time. Pencils are NOT sharpened during instructional time.
    • 6.     Missed assignments will be in your mailbox.  If not please remind teacher.
    • 7.     If you need to go to restroom, office, nurse, or library get pass and stand by the door until teacher directs you to go.
    • 8.     If you need help:  1. Ask a friend nearby 2.  Ask a classroom helper 3.  Ask teacher 



    Safe & Caring Rules 

    1. Be safe
    2. Treat others with respect
    3. Be bully free
    4. Share your feelings and ideas
    5. Agee to disagree
    6. Ask for help
    7. Learn




    Be a good listener

    1. Sit quietly
    2. Pay attention
    3. Don’t interrupt
    4. Wait for your turn to talk
    5. Ask questions