Classroom Materials

  • Students MUST come prepared to class daily with the following class materials:

    • A Writing Utensil
    • Highlighter
    • College Ruled Lined Paper
    • 1:1 Device
    In addition, students are to turn in a package college ruled lined paper, a package of pens, a package of highlighters, and a box of tissues for the ELA classroom by the end of the 1st marking period. All can be purchased at the Dollar Tree for $4.40.
    Each student has Senior portfolios that are located in room 207 that highlight the skills that they have learned in the English Classroom. The following will be collected and stored for evaluation and assessment:
    • Literature Enrichment Packets
    • Warm-Up Activities
    • engageNY Worksheets and Activities
    • CFAs & DBSs
    • Mid-Unit Assessments
    • CFAs and DBAs
    • Individual Student Data Sheets
    • Practice Examinations`
    • Two-Column Notes
    • IVF Statements
    • Stoplight Highlight Strategies
    • Projects
    • Extra Credit Opportunities
    • Lexia PowerUP instructions