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    Welcome to BPS Transportation  

    Transportation hotline:  816-4895
    Transportation department fax: 878-9744
    Cheryl Kennedy, Director of Transportation  (ckennedy@buffaloschools.org)
    Joseph Ghosen, Assistant Director of Transportation  (jaghosen@buffaloschools.org)
    Robin Craddock, Supervisor of Transportation  (rccraddock@buffaloschools.org)
    Julie Phelan, Supervisor of Transportation (jphelan@buffaloschools.org)
    Gracine Barone, Supervisor of Bus Aides  (gbarone@buffaloschools.org)
    For inquiries regarding student transportation please email us at:

    FirstView™ is your resource for school transportation communications


    First Student is working to improve the app and provide some great enhancements for the upcoming school year.

    The school bus ride is the foundation of the day, where we create the best start and finish to the school day for students and families.  FirstView™, a secure school bus tracking app keeps tabs on your student's bus.  With FirstView™, you can see when the route starts, the direction the bus is traveling on an interactive map and an estimated time of arrival to your student's stop.

    Custom email, push or text notifications inform you of any delays (reasons and estimated delay length), time and distance reminders of when a bus will arrive at a stop, and the bus's arrival at school.  Whether you're at work, at home or on the go, the FirstView™ app makes you part of your student's school day, every day.

    Designed and proven with parents, for parents.

    FirstView™ frees you from worry and connects you with your student's school transportation journey.

    Sign up by downloading the app.  Visit the
    FirstView™ website at