• Q: I've moved/am planning to move/change my name.  How do I update this information with the District?

    AThe Contact Information Update Form can be found at www.buffaloschools.org/staff under “C”.  Complete the form, scan and email it, along with a copy of a picture ID, to human_resources@buffaloschools.org.


    Q: How do I order a replacement health insurance card?

    AContact Blue Cross Blue Shield of WNY Customer Service by calling 1-888-299-2263.  You do not need your Subscriber ID number.  The Customer Service Representative is able to assist you by asking ID-appropriate questions to access your account, i.e. home address, date of birth, etc.  


    Q: I'm a current employee turning 65 with District Health Insurance, do I have to enroll in Medicare?

    A:  Enrollment in Medicare Part A is required when you turn 65.  When you receive your Medicare card, call the customer service number on the back of your BCBS card and provide them with your number. 

    You will be required to enroll in Medicare Part B upon retirement.  For more information about Medicare, please visit www.cms.gov.


    Q:  How do I enroll in health insurance?

    A:  New Employee packets are available on the Health Insurance page under Employees. All original forms need to be mailed to Room 806 City Hall; Buffalo, NY 14202.


    Q:  Do I need to enroll in health insurance?

    A: Enrollment in either health insurance or the district's waiver program is required.  Submission of dependent eligibility documentation is also required if family health coverage is selected.


    Q:  Do I need to do anything if I don’t enroll in a medical plan?

    A:  A health waiver incentive is available if you have insurance through another source. This benefit entitles you to $100 per month which is paid annually in January. Timely submission of the enrollment form is strongly advised as this benefit is not administered retroactively.  Additionally, a life insurance enrollment form should be submitted and the beneficiary information should be updated periodically, as needed.


    Q:  What about my deductions – when will they begin?

    A: Your health contribution deductions will begin within a month of your eligibility and will be pro-rated to reflect the effective date of your insurance.


    Q:  Who do I contact for additional help with benefits?

    A:  The Benefits staff can be reached at Benefits@buffaloschools.org or 816-3754 (active employees press #1) and will be happy to assist you. Our office currently closed to visitors. If you have questions specific to claims you can contact Blue Cross at 1-888-299-2263. You will need to provide a group number to the customer service representative to identify the plan of benefits. The group numbers can be found on the comparison chart which is included in the benefits packet.