Do I need to enroll in Medicare Part B when I become eligible?

    Yes. Once you are retired, you and/or your spouse must have Medicare Parts A & B when you become eligible (whether at age 65 or earlier due to a disability).


    When do I become eligible?

    Typically, you become eligible the 1st of the month in which you turn age 65. If you are disabled, eligibility will be sooner.


    How do I enroll in Medicare?

    If you are already collecting Social Security, enrollment will be automatic. You should receive your card a few months before you become eligible. Do not dis-enroll. If you do not receive your card you must contact Social Security at 1-800-772-1213. Be sure to show your Medicare card to your medical providers to ensure proper coordination of benefits with your Blue Cross Policy.


    What happens to my Blue Cross Plan of Benefits once I have Medicare? 

    You will retain your Blue Cross policy. As a retiree, your Medicare will be your primary insurance. Claims will be processed through your Blue Cross Plan after they have been processed by Medicare. Blue Cross becomes the secondary payer.


    What if Social Security tells me that I don’t need to enroll in Part B?

    It is a requirement of your union contract. Failure to do so will result in termination of your coverage.


    What happens if I drop my Medicare Part B?

    If you or your spouse drop Part B you will no longer be eligible for retiree health insurance coverage. Your coverage will be terminated until such time that you are able to re-enroll.