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    Voluntary Health Insurance Waiver Incentive Program for Retirees


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    The Buffalo School District is offering qualified retirees the opportunity to waive their enrollment in the District’s health insurance program, in exchange for a monetary incentive.  Enrollment in the Waiver Incentive is voluntary and revocable by the retiree.  The District guarantees the retiree the right to re-enroll in his/her plan of benefits at their request. 


    The retiree will enroll in the waiver of health insurance program by completing the Retiree Waiver Incentive Enrollment Form (see below).  The effective date of the waiver shall be the first of the month following the District’s receipt of said completed form.  The retiree will be entitled to receive payment each January.  He/she shall be paid an amount as listed below, for each month of enrollment in the prior calendar year.


    Who Qualifies?

    Any retiree who has the required number of years of service with the District to be eligible for retiree health insurance. However, this waiver incentive is not available to a retiree who is eligible for Buffalo Board of Education health insurance through another retiree or employee.

    To be eligible for the Family Waiver, the retiree must have been eligible, on the date of retirement, to qualify for family coverage. Supportive documentation may be required.


    Family Waiver:

    $333.33 for each month the retiree was enrolled in the waiver program, not to exceed $4,000.00 annually


    Download - Retiree Family Waiver Packet


    Single Waiver:

    $166.67 for each month the retiree was enrolled in the waiver program, not to exceed $2,000.00 annually.


    Download - Retiree Single Waiver Packet 



    Complete and submit the form to the Benefits Office via


    Email: Benefits@buffaloschools.org 


    Fax:    716-851-3587


    Mail:   Benefits Office

              806 City Hall

              Buffalo, NY 14202


    The Waiver will be effective the 1st of the month following receipt. If you would prefer, contact the Benefits Office at 716-816-3754 to request a packet in the mail.