• Phones

    • District Directory Search
      If you want to call someone and you do not know their number, you can make the call using the District Directory. Learn how search the District Directory from your phone for a number or extension.

    • Phone FAQs
      Take a look at the FAQ's for some how-to's and tips. Learn how to change your ring tone, adjust the ringer volume or send a call directly to voice mail, among other things.

    • Voice Mail Setup
      Learn how to set up your voice mail on your phone. Six steps. Five minutes and you are done.

    • Conference Call Setup
      Did you know that we have the ability through our phones to have up to a 6 person conference without calling the help desk to set it up?

    • Updating Your Phone
      Frustrated with your? Have you moved into a new room or office and can't access your calls or messages? Or you just want to change the name on the phone. Help is a couple clicks away.