PreK Questions

  • Who is eligible for Universal PK?
    To attend PK in Buffalo the child must:

    • Reside in the city of Buffalo
    • Be four-years of age on or before December 31st

     A child who is age eligible to attend Kindergarten is not eligible for the UPK program.

    What is needed to register my child in PK? 

    • Contact Central Registration Center at: 33 Ash Street, Buffalo, NY, 14204, 816-3717
    • Copy of the child’s official birth certificate (born in 2008)
    • Copy of complete and up to date immunization record
    • Physical form, signed by doctor or clinic (parent/guardian has 30 days from registration to provide)
    • Proof of Address:  NYS drivers license or Non-drivers’ license identification

      Non-drivers’ license identification
      (1) Gas or electric bill within the last 30 days, (2)Pay stub with parent/guardian at the current address within the last 30 days, (3) One-year residential lease with the parent/guardian name within the last year, (4) DSS statement with the parent/guardian name and address within the last 30 days, (5) Notarized statement from the person you are living with that states you and your child are residing there–also needed is that person’s one year, lease, gas or electric bill, or driver’s license.

    What are the goals of the Universal PK Program? 
    To provide quality, integrated instruction to enhance the development of language, cognitive and social skills to children in Pre-Kindergarten classes in the Buffalo Public Schools and Community Based Sites.

    • To provide a challenging, foundational instructional program with a focus on early literacy with emphasizes direct, explicit and systematic instruction.
    • To provide each child with an equal opportunity to become literate, confident, moral (development of social, physical and emotional skills) and productive, literate citizens.

    What do Children learn in PK? 
    The Buffalo Public Schools Universal Pre-Kindergarten Program emphasizes learner-center activities to be incorporated in the Pre-Kindergarten classroom addressing each of the following components: 

    • cognitive skills, including early literacy and math instruction
    • social emotional development, including fostering a positive sense of self within a cultural context
    • physical skills, including gross and fine motor development.

    What is the class size in a PK classroom
    The maximum class size is 20 children, with one teacher and 2 para-professionals. For classes with 18 and under, one para-professional is required.

    How long is the school day? 
    PK classes in the Buffalo Schools are full day.

    Are meals served in the PK classroom? 
    PK classes in the Buffalo Public Schools are included in any nutritional program at the school.

    School lunch forms MUST be completed by each student and sent to the school’s cafeteria manager. Forms should be available in the school office.

    State Education Guidelines mandate that meals be served in the classroom and all adults assigned to the classroom must sit with the children to encourage the development of social and language skills.

    Is transportation provided to PK children? 
    The Buffalo City School District provides transportation to PK to any PK child with a processed bus pass.  Each child’s transportation application must be processed by the Transportation Department for the child to receive a bus pass.  Transportation may not be available for all PK students.

    Note:  State law requires children under the age of four to ride in a car seat.

    For more information on the early childhood program in the Buffalo Public Schools contact the Office of Elementary Education, 442 BPDTC, 150 Lower Terrace, Buffalo, NY 14202 or call 716-816-3048 ext: 8769