What Your PreK Child Should Know and Learn

  • What Your PreK Child Should Know and Learn

     When A Child Enters PK, He/She Should Know:

    • His/ Her First and Last Name
    • The First and Last Name of His/Her Parent or Guardian
    • Address
    • Phone Number
    • Birthday
    • How To Listen Attentively To Stories
    • Parts of Books
    • How To Verbalize Letters, Numbers and Basic Words
    • That Words Go On A Page
    • How Words Accompany Pictures
    • How To Speak In Complete Sentences (Oral Language Development)
    • How To Use Language To Express And Describe Thoughts, Feelings and Ideas
    • How To Re-Tell A Story (Sequencing)
    • Color Recognition

     Literacy Skills Taught in PK:

    • Letter Recognition (A – Z)
    • Color and Number Words
    • Phonemic Awareness (Rhyming, Songs, Poems, Letter Sounds)
    • Print Awareness (Grouping Letters To Form Words)
    • Beginning Sounds
    • Identifying The Meaning of Content-Specific Vocabulary
    • Comparing and Contrasting Three Elements In A Story
    • Linking New Experiences and Vocabulary With Prior Knowledge
    • Applying New Vocabulary In Various Contexts (Transfer Of Learning)
    • Listening Skills (Following Directions, Routines, Engaging In Conversation)
    • Environmental Print
    • Emergent Writing (Inventive Spelling)