Q: I worked afterschool but I did not get paid for it in my paycheck, why?

    A: Afterschool pay is typically behind at least one pay cycle because of the approval process. If you worked a grant funded afterschool program allow at least 2 pay periods and contact the grant coordinator. Note: All overtime goes through anywhere from 2 to 4 offices for approval before it gets to the payroll office.

    Q: How does accrual time work for temporary employees?

    A: Temporary employees start with 2 sick days, and thereafter earn 1 sick day for every 20 days worked. Personal days are earned 1 for every 40 days worked. (Temp civil service earns 1 per quarter).

    Q: How do I sign up for direct deposit, or make changes?

    A: Complete a direct deposit enrollment form located on the payroll site, and fax (716-851-3918), email (bpspayroll@buffaloschools.org), or pony mail (814 City Hall).

    Q: I was charged an accrual when I worked, how do I get that corrected?

    A: If you do not clock in, an accrual day will be used to ensure you are paid for that day. Fill out a leave time correction form found on the payroll site under forms, have it signed by an administrator, and send to the payroll office. Fax (716-851-3918), email (bpspayroll@buffaloschools.org) or pony mail (814 City Hall).

    Q: I am a clerk trying to change an employee’s time in Empcenter and it is not saving, why?

    A: Please make sure you are adding 1.0 in the hours column or it will not save.

    Q: I am a clerk that manually entered leave time for an employee because Aesop did not carry over, now it did and I get a red error, how do I fix this?

    A: If you have a red error that means that there is more than 1.0 registered and 1.0 cannot be exceeded. If it show to rows of 1.0, delete the top row and click save. This should eliminate the error warning.