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    The Buffalo Public School district is committed to providing supportive services for our neediest children and families, which includes connecting them to a wide array of educational and outreach opportunities. Ninety percent of BPS students exhibit one or more of the following extraordinary needs:

    • Student’s who present behavioral issues that may result in suspension
    • Students with Attendance issues (At-Risk, Chronic, Severe)
    • Students who are pregnant and/or parentings
    • Students experiencing homelessness
    • Students with Disabilities (SWD) whose disability  significantly impedes their success in school
    • Students who have been traumatized (i.e. victims of bullying, violence, domestic abuse, child abuse, sexual abuse, war, refugee camps, etc.)
    • ELL students (New Americans) displaying adjustment issues
    • Students experiencing mental illness
    • Students with medical, cognitive and/or behavior issues that may hinder academic success (Medically ill, 504 students, lead paint poisoning, etc. )
    • Disconnected students with engagement issues (in school but not engaged academically)
    • Students experiencing the combined consequences of abject poverty (homelessness, foster care, public assistance, overaged and under credited for their grade level, and/or combinations from the list above.)