School Student Support Staff

    To adequately address student need Buffalo Public Schools are staffed with school counselors, social workers, psychologist, and school nurses.  Each of these staff members have a role in addressing the social, emotional and wellness needs of our students.

    Homeless Education Program

    The McKinney-Vento Act covers children and youth who do not have a fixed, adequate and regular nighttime residence.

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    Pregnant and Parenting Teen Program

    Project A.C.T. (Assisting Care-giving Teens), is a program that provides services to pregnant and/or parenting teens (mothers and fathers, including their caregivers) attending Buffalo Public Schools.

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    Medical Leave Instruction Program 

    The Buffalo Public School's Medical Leave Instruction Program provides after school academic instruction to elementary and secondary students who are absent due to a documented illness, injury, or pregnancy.

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    BeThere Mentoring Program

    Designed to provide students with caring adults who will serve as mentors and roles models that will invest their time with meeting the academic, social and emotional, and youth development needs of Buffalo Public School students.

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    College Readiness Program

    Designed to strengthen the college-going mindset of Buffalo Public School students by providing resources, college readiness activities and programing to students in BPS Community High Schools.

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    Mental Health Clinics

    Clinics are operated by licensed clinicians who address student issues related to family conflict, anger or aggression, depression and anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and self-harming behaviors.

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    My Brother’s Keeper Programing

    Programming designed to support Buffalo Public Schools males of color by increasing academic, social emotional and wellness, leadership, and youth development supports and opportunities that will prepare our males of color for success in school and beyond.

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    Technology Supports

    Integrating technology into instruction and through programs offered to students helps bridge the digital divide and help close the "Homework Gap" for students lacking access to devices or home internet access.

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