097 Harvey Austin School

Current Status: Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI)/Receivership

Receivership Information

  • Current Status: Persistently Struggling; Made Demonstrable Improvement in 2018-19 based on Commissioner's Review. Designated CSI for 2018-2019; continuing in Receivership Cohort 1 for 2019-20.
    2018-19 Status: Struggling, Made Demonstrable Improvement in 2016-2017 and 2017-2018. 
    Community Engagement Team (CET)

    To meet the requirement of submission of Receivership documents for the district, the Office of Shared Accountability compiled the following documents, including: 

    • Community Engagement Team (CET) list
    • Recommendations for School Intervention Plan
    • Quarterly Reports
    All documents available are linked below.