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    Firm Foam Shoulder Rest

    Absolutely necessary for violinists and violists. Keep shoulder rests in the case AT ALL TIMES!


    Everest or Kun Shoulder Rest

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    Although more expensive than a foam shoulder rest, this type is more secure. Purchase online for violins or violas.
    Rockstop or End Pin Anchor
    Picture           Xeros Endpin Anchor: Cello
    The rockstop/end pin anchor keeps cello/bass endpins from slipping.
    They also prevent sharp endpins from damaging floors.

    Music Stand


    A music stand is needed for student home practice.
    It supports proper posture and technique.


    Metronome (Optional, but highly recommended)


    Combo Tuner/Metronome (Optional, but highly recommended)


    Electric Tuner (Optional)

    Having your own tuner can help you tune your own instrument. (Gently attach to the bridge or pegs.)
    Tuning Apps for Phones & Tablets


    insTuner FREE



    DaTuner (Lite!)

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    Tuner - gStrings Free

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