• Mrs. Mulloor


    7th and 8th Grade ELA Teacher

    E-mail:  AMulloor@buffaloschools.org

    Phone:  (716)816-7180

     Love Reading

    Mrs. Mulloor’s Class Expectations

    I am eager to get to know you and discover your personality and all of your talents!  We will be working on improving writing and language arts skills to prepare you for high school through grammar exercises, journal writing, test taking strategies, and projects.  The following items are some supplies you will need this year, my expectations of you, and some of the projects we will be accomplishing.



    - Pencils & Pens

    - Folder or Binder to organize material

    - Loose-leaf paper for assignments


    Expectations upon entering the classroom

    -Sit in assigned seat

    -No conversation

    -Raise your hand to speak

    -Be respectful and responsible



    40%: Classwork

    25%:  Projects

    25%:  Assessments

    10%:  Homework



    Late homework may have points deducted.



    You will begin each class period by answering a journal prompt.  You will keep your journal in a folder and they will be collected at the end of each week.  The purpose of the journal is to get ideas for writing assignments or to practice grammar, punctuation, capitalization, or spelling skills. 



    You will write expository, research, and narrative essays, article summaries, and other projects aligned with the 7th and 8th Grade Common Core Standards.


    Finished Early Activities

    Read!  Read!  Read!  You should bring a book class every day.