General 3D Printing Process

  • How to turn an idea into a 3D product!

  • Think


    1. Establish an idea of what you will want to design and/or print. There are endless reasons and uses for 3D printing.

  • Design



    2.  You will take your idea and start using a CAD (computer aid design) program to design your product (There are many free programs available for 3D Design and generally operate very similarly to one another). Click here for a list of design programs.


    Once you are finished with your design, export and save your design as an ".stl" file. (BPS 3D printers print .stl files; Click here to learn more about 3D file types) 



    What is a support

  • Print



    3. Before sending your .stl file to the 3D Printer you must upload it to a slicer (click for slicer info) program.  From the slicer program, you may now send your designed idea to the 3D Printer.... make sure the printers are connected through USB.




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