• Mrs. Miceli teaches 8th grade ELA, Math, Social Studies and Science using a modified curriculum to meet the needs of the 6:1:1 students.  There is also a focus on each students IEP goals and objectives.


    ELA: Focus on improving reading strategies to assist the students in being able to read at grade level.   This will include a period once a week of DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) time.  Students will also be working to improve their writing including spelling, grammar, and punctuation. 

    Math:  Student will us “Finish Line: Mathematics for the Common Core State Standards” as the guide to the 8th grade curriculum.   We will also be working being able to compute addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems without using a calculator.   Students will be taught to use a scientific calculator on a regular basis to assist them in being able to solve math problems. 

    Social Studies: The 8th grade curriculum is based on American History from Reconstruction to Present time.  This will include helping students learn how to read and analyze Document Based Questions. 

    Science: The 8th grade curriculum is Life Science.  This course will cover cells, body systems, genetics, ecology and evolution.  We will be using an interactive textbook which prompts the students to answer short questions throughout every chapter.





    Loose leaf paper

    A Book to read


    School Wide Rules:

    1. No Conversation
    2. Stay in your assigned seat
    3. Raise your hand to speak
    4. No food or drink
    5. Must have a pass to leave the room


    School Wide Grading Policy:

    Classwork 40%

    Projects 25%

    Assessments 25%

    Homework 10%


    Class Dojo:

    The class will be using Class Dojo to monitor behavior.   Parents are encouraged to sign up and to discuss the student’s behavior at home.   The students will be rewarded for earning Dojo points by allowing them to attend special lunch time events and other prizes.