•                                               Technology Education


    Course Description

    This is a mandated, introductory course in the study of technology, using a problem-solving approach in a hands-on laboratory setting. Students will be engaged in a variety of learning activities that involve design and inquiry using the processes and systems of technology.


    Required Materials


    Students will be supplied with a portfolio to store notes and work sheets. The portfolio will be graded towards their final grade (See grading policy). Students must bring something to write with to each class.


    Text Book Used

    TECHNOLOGY : Design and Application / by R. Thomas Wright and Ryan A. Brown- 2ed




    - Become and stay organized.

    - Ask for help when you need it.

    - Try! Try! And Keep Trying!

    - Mistakes are okay, especially when you learn from them.

    - All schools rules apply along with my classroom rules.

    - Use appropriate language at all times.


    What does class participation as an actively engaged learner look like ?

                      A student who actively engages in and has ownership of their own learning will be able to exhibit growth in the 21st century skills of:

                                *COMMUNICATING in the written, oral, visual, and other means or media

                                *READING the different formats of words, images, information, and graphics

                                *LEARNING by taking notes, taking tests, observing, remembering, and researching

                                *THINKING with imagination, curiosity, creativity, and habits of mind

                                *MANAGING yourself, relationships, resources, and your reputation


    Being enthusiastic and having a positive attitude when faced with a setback helps people to learn and grow as individuals.