Job Opportunities

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     Drive-Through Hiring Event

    3779 Lake Shore Rd., Blasdell, NY  

    FedEx Employment Opportunities

    Customer Service Representative 

    StaffWorks Group, 2211 Sheridan Dr., Suite 202

    Manufacturing, Warehouse & Office Professional Positions available.

    Staff Works Jobs

     Customer Service Representative

    McGard LLC, 3875 California Rd., Orchard Park, NY

    McGard Customer service.pdf

    Supportive Support Service, 201 St. Mary's Pl., Lancaster, NY

     Weatherization Laborer 2020 

    Buffalo Employment & Training Center, 77 Goodell St., Buffalo, NY  (Job Postings)

    BETC JOBS.docx 

     Application for Employment for NFTA


     Aftercare Nursing Services

    1680 Walden Avenue

    Free 8 day PCA training classes throughout the year. 

    The classes are Monday-Friday from 9am-3pm.  Afterwards, we offer FT and PT employment throughout Buffalo and surrounding suburbs.  This would be ideal for upcoming graduating seniors- especially if they plan on a healthcare background. 

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