Renaissance STAR Math

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    STAR Math Enterprise


    STAR Math Enterprise is the same as STAR Math, but with some enhanced features, including additional reports and expanded benchmark management. The Buffalo Public Schools are using STAR Math Enterprise.


    STAR Math: Progress Monitoring Assessment


    The Renaissance Place edition of STAR Math computer-adaptive test and database helps teachers accurately assess students’ mathematical abilities in an average of 20 minutes. This computer program also helps educators accelerate learning and increase motivation by providing immediate, individualized feedback on student academic tasks and classroom achievement. All key decision-makers throughout the district can easily access this information.


    STAR Math Purpose


    As a periodic progress monitoring system, STAR Math software serves two primary purposes.


    • First, it provides educators with quick and accurate estimates of students’ instructional math levels relative to national norms.
    • Second, it provides the means for tracking growth in a consistent manner over long time periods for all students.


    While the STAR Math test provides accurate normed data like traditional norm-referenced tests, it is not intended to be used as a “high-stakes” test. Rather, because of the high correlation between the STAR Math test and high-stakes instruments, classroom teachers can use STAR Math scores to fine-tune instruction while there is still time to improve performance before the regular testing cycle. STAR Math results can easily be disaggregated to identify and address the needs of various groups of students. STAR Math’s unique powers of flexibility and repeatability provide specific advantages for various groups:


    • For students, STAR Math software provides a challenging, interactive, and brief test that builds confidence in their math ability.
    • For teachers, STAR Math software facilitates individualized instruction by identifying students’ current developmental levels and areas for growth.
    • For principals, STAR Math software provides regular, accurate reports on performance at the class, grade, building, and district level, as well as year-to-year comparisons.