• And now for a mini-project!

    #1 Find pictures of the following people online: 

          Temperance Movement: Carrie Nation

          Prison Reform: Dorothea Dix

          Education Reform: Horace Mann

          Abolitionist Movement: William Lloyd Garrison

          Utopian movement: George Ripley

    #2 Copy the pictures and paste them into Powerpoint slides to create a presentation called: "Reformers in American Society".

    #3 Make one slide per reformer and on each slide explain

          *What conditions existed before the reform

          *What the reformer did to change conditions

          *When the reformer lived

    #4 For each slide describe how the reform changed the way people live.

    #5 Save your presentation when you are done.  They will be collected as soon as I figure out how to make a collection site.