• Attendance Awareness Campaign

    lawn sign Too often, students and parents don’t realize how quickly absences, excused as well as unexcused, can add up and result in academic failure.

    The importance of school attendance and its role in academic achievement cannot be understated. Attending school daily serves as the foundation for student learning and social development. Attendance Works states “Kids who miss too much school in pre-K and kindergarten are less likely to be reading in the third grade, making it much harder to learn in the years that follow. Studies show that 75% of students who are chronically absent in 6th grade will dropout of high school, and students who are chronically absent in high school are 7.4 times more likely to dropout”.

    The Attendance Awareness Campaign provides an opportunity to rally our school community, advocates, policymakers, volunteers and supporters around the importance of attendance and its role in academic achievement, while sending a clear message to students about how attendance impacts academic success.

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