• Incentivizing Attendance
    Reinforcing Positive Behaviors



    “School attendance is a simple, easily understood measure of student performance. One strategy for improving attendance is engaging students, parents, educators and community members in a campaign that offers positive rewards for getting to school on-time. ” Attendance Works


    Research suggests that incentivized attendance improvement programs have a positive effect on students’ daily attendance as well as classroom behavior.  Recognizing students with good attendance reinforces that strong attendance habits are valued and will lead to academic success. The Buffalo Public School Attendance Incentive strategy is designed to provide students with multiple opportunities to qualify for attendance incentives throughout the 2017-2018 academic year.


    Schools will be able to create school-based attendance incentive programs that will consist of no cost – low cost incentives. The Office of Attendance Improvement will provide each school with $500 to support school-based programs. The District with the support of Say Yes Buffalo, will also recognize students who have maintained attendance percentages consistent to the district goals of 95% for Elementary Schools and 90% for Secondary Schools. Students will earn points for their attendance that will be used as lottery entries for attendance incentives.



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