• City Honors School
    Summer Reading 
    Entering Grade 5




    What our ELA faculty expects you to read this summer

    Required Reading/Assessment will focus on the following text:

    Curtis, Christopher Paul                                     The Watsons Go to Birmingham: 1963


    AND choose ONE of the following:

    Giff, Patricia Reilly                                             Wild Girl

    Lai, Thanhha                                                       Listen Slowly

    Pinkney, Andrea Davis                                       Red Pencil

    Yep, Laurence                                                     The Lost Garden


    Why we expect you to complete this reading

    Multicultural literature serves as a vehicle to enable students to gain a better understanding of both their own culture and the cultures of others.  Students at CHS view reading as a life skill, not just another book they have to read. Appreciation of literature starts at an early age and encourages dialogue, curiosity, and understanding among peers, creating caring and open–minded individuals. We hope you enjoy the magic of reading.


    What you should do before you read these texts

    Have a journal ready; take detailed notes while you read. Use Step Up to Writing two column notes for each chapter. (T-chart ~ Main idea on the left, supporting details on the right) Remember, you will be required to take an assessment as well as write a short essay.

    What you should do while you are reading

    While you read, pay close attention to the details, read with a purpose. Write in your journal what stands out as vital and memorable. Read in a quiet place, free of any outside distractions. You may write notes on the pages (annotations); use highlighters to draw attention to important ideas, or sections of the text. Ask yourself questions about the material and repeat important details or share the highlights of the book with others to help you make associations.  Try reading aloud; it can sharpen your focus, resulting in better fluency and comprehension.

    How we will make use of the reading when we return to school

    In the first week of September, you will be given a multiple-choice assessment on your reading of the mandatory text for 75% of the grade. For the remaining 25% of your assessment grade, the notes on your book of choice will be used to write a short essay serving as your first writing sample.

    Additional things you need to succeed in English Language Arts for the upcoming school year

    Students will explore many books that focus on multicultural literature and human rights. It is our hope that students will benefit from the readings and promote the development of culturally responsible and responsive individuals.

    Whom to contact for questions

    For questions concerning the summer reading list contact Mrs. Luongo [mluongo@buffaloschools.org]