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  • Parent Workshops

    logo Through guided book studies and parent workshops, we are able to engage expecting parents and/or parents of infants and toddlers throughout the community in interactive courses. These courses provide strategies promoting health and wellness, practical advice on pregnancy and realistic approaches for parent readiness. All courses are incentivized with an additional gift for attending all three sessions. It is our goal to help our families understand the importance of early education and literacy while providing them with insight of developmental milestone expectations for their infants and toddlers.


    Workshops are offered in our four Parent Centers and are available to all City of Buffalo residents. Please visit our Parent Center webpage for the most up-to-date course offerings, or call 716-816-4689 to schedule a session.




    Raising a Reader


    In support of the My Brother’s Keeper Pre-Kindergarten Readiness goals, Buffalo Public Schools is now an affiliate of Raising A Reader.

    The Raising A Reader early literacy model is based on positive nurturing relationships between the caregiver and the child. Research has found that infants and toddlers can begin to develop some of the early literacy skills that will facilitate learning to read in the early elementary grades.

    Raising A Reader is available in 15 different languages allowing us to reach the vast language diversities within our community. This early literacy and family engagement program will allow us to create a unique home-school partnership where families can bring their toddlers with them to workshops. These interactive workshops will outline the importance of vocabulary development, oral language, concepts of print and phonological processing skills; all which are needed to be successful in the early years of school.


    During bi-weekly sessions, which will be offered in Community Schools throughout the district, parents will learn and practice simple ways to create reading routines and book cuddling time in their home. Their toddlers will have the chance to read, sing, paint and play their way through a class all of their own. Each week, families will have the opportunity to bring home new, beautiful, durable books. These revolving books will be exchanged at each of the sessions they attend. During the final class session, the toddler will receive a bag of books, a wooden crate that they themselves have painted, and a bean bag chair to create their very own cozy reading corner in their homes.



    Toddler Zones

    learning Toddler Zones are safe areas that will soon be popping up in some of the Community Schools and in Parent Centers.


    The Toddler Zone mission is to provide Buffalo families with a safe space to engage, participate, and have fun with their toddlers through purposeful play while preparing them for Pre-Kindergarten.


    The goals of the Toddler Zone are to:

    • Provide families with developmentally appropriate activities that they can do together to prepare future Buffalo Public School students for Pre-Kindergarten readiness.
    • Collaborate with families to increase their knowledge and understanding of early childhood educational expectations and the importance of continuing learning at home.
    • Create a space during Community School programming that’s fun and exciting for kids, and establishes an excitement for future learning.


    Be on the lookout for a Toddler Zone near you!