• Office of Attendance Improvement
    Administrative Attendance Hearings


    The Administrative Attendance Hearing are a Tier II response to addressing student non attendance to school. The purpose of the hearings will be to eliminate barriers to regular school attendance, provide comprehensive support services to students with excessive absences, and assist families with developing important connections with schools. PK-12 BPS students who have accumulated absences totaling 5.01 – 10% of the number of school attendance days, who also have a record of poor attendance (10% +  categorized as Chronic and Severe) the prior year will be targeted for this intervention.

    The Administrative Attendance Hearings will be conducted by the Office of Attendance Improvement  the first and third weeks of every month and will take place on Tuesday and Thursdays. The Buffalo Public Schools seeks to establish school community relationships to be able to achieve the following  goals for each case conducted:

    1. Increase student success by removing the barriers that prevent consistent school attendance

    2. Develop an understanding of the connection between school success and postsecondary participation (collegiate or workforce)

    3. Create linkages to need resources to support parent and student success

    4. Obtain  commitments from parent/student in supporting and ensuring student educational attainment through satisfactory school attendance.

    Hearings are held by appointment only