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  • MST prepares the leaders of tomorrow, today.

    Students are accepted for their academic record and parent/guardian support, indicating that they are capable of pursuing higher level course work in a challenging academic environment.

    Parents, teachers, and students work together to build and maintain a strong network of support so that are students are prepared to gain acceptance and have success in the college of their choice.

    MST was part of Phase IV of the five-phase, $1.4 billion Joint Schools Reconstruction Project. 

    The school includes state-of-the-art teaching labs and outdoor experimental field facilities.  Many of the school's new features were designed with the guidance of MST administration and teachers, BPS Supervisor of Science Education Kelly Baudo, and ISEP higher education partners.

    MST partners with Academic Talent Search (ATS) and the University of Buffalo STEM program.

    For more information download the MST Brochure.



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  •  Programming
    The curriculum is differentiated and designed to prepare our students for advance placement courses.

    MST offers 3 majors:
    • Medical Science
    • Environmental Science
    • Environmental Technology