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    BUFFALO PUBLIC SCHOOLS MBK INITIATIVE issued a challenge to men in the City of Buffalo Community to positively intervene in the lives of BPS male students of color to support goals of:

    1. Increased Academic Achievement
    2. Increased School Readiness (Pre K- K)
    3. Increased High School ReadinessI
    4. ncreased School Engagement
    5. Decreased Behavioral Infractions
    6. Increased College and Career Readiness

    MISSION… To relentlessly provide BPS male students of color with hope, and the vision of greatness to emulate in their everyday lives while improving academic and social emotional learning outcomes for male students of color throughout the Buffalo Public Schools.
    The MBK Mentor’s role is to provide guidance and to support male scholars in the Buffalo Public Schools and to assist students as they transition through Junior High/High School and become college and career ready. The MBK Mentor engages in activities with the MBK scholar beginning in grade six continuing through the student’s freshman year of college.


    What will I be asked to do as a MBK Mentor?

    • Provide guidance to your mentee as they navigate from junior high school to post-secondary education
    • Help scholars set short-term and long-term goals and encourage achievement of those goals
    • Build a relationship with your mentee by planning and participating in activities together
    • Serve as a positive role model

    Time Commitment

    • 6 hours monthly

    Mentor Requirements

    • Must commit to the success of all students and complete the mentor application and screening process
    • Adhere to all program policies/procedures as outlined by the BPS Code of Conduct governing student/adult behaviors
    • Be willing to commit quality time to young people
    • Communicate effectively with parents and program staff
    • Complete an evaluation form regarding the mentoring experience
    • Must be at least 21 years old and open to diversity and learning about other cultures
    • Must be able to identify with challenges of males in urban settings

    Desirable Qualities

    • Active listener who demonstrates patience and flexibility
    • Exhibit strong commitment to MBK mentoring initiative
    • Able to encourage and be supportive


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