• Admission Criteria

    • Student Interview. 
    • Students will be required to submit an application, complete with references, through the district choice process
    • Students must have a grade point average for 7th and 8th grade of approximately 65% - 85%
    • Students cannot have a history of poor attendance or behavioral problems, including, but not limited to, previous formal suspensions
    • Students must be recommended as having the ability to succeed in a college environment. 
    • Students must commit to a mandatory summer sessions as well as extended day opportunities.
    • Active parent involvement

    Do I have to pay for my child’s college classes, books etc?
    The Board of Education will pay for the expenses, but senior year the parents will have to apply for financial aid. If students qualify for aid, it will be used first and the Board of Education will pay for the remaining balance.

    Is the summer enrichment program mandatory?
    Yes, the summer enrichment program is mandatory. It prepares students in the areas of Math and English for college and career readiness.

    How will my child earn college credits?
    Students take dual credit courses earning a minimum of 24 college credits by the end of grade 12.

    What are the expectations for the student and parent(s)?
    Students and parents need to commit to the accelerated work load and time schedule for students to meet success.