2020-2021 2nd Grade Supply List Room 304
  • ROOM 304: First Grade Supply List (2021-2022)


    ALL students need to have their own materials. Due to COVID there will be NO sharing of matreials.


    backpack without wheels (carried daily)

    2 plastic pocket folders (WITH PRONGS) - 1 for Music, 1 for classroom

    #2 pencils (2 boxes of 24 count/ yellow only)

    erasers (5 large pink)

     tissues (3 small sized boxes)

    paper towels (1 rolls)

    dry erase markers (5 black only)

    10 glue sticks (2 five packs of Elmer’s) 

    crayons (24 count) 


    1 plastic pencil box

    1 pack of baby wipes (50 count or more) 

    1 pack of Chlorox or Lysol Wipes

    package of extra child sized masks

    small bottle of hand sanitizer

    1 pack of copy paper