North Park Community School BPS #50
  • Students at NPCS will not adhere to a specific dress code.


    However, the following information is district-wide dress code:

    The following is adopted from the Buffalo Board of Education Dress Code Policy and is in addition to the school uniform:

    1. Headgear of any kind (including but not limited to hats, caps and hoods) may not be worn in school except when required by medical or religious reasons.
    2. Coats, jackets, gloves or clothing generally accepted as “outer wear” may not be worn during the school day.
    3. Jewelry that may be deemed as unsafe is not allowed.
    4. Backless sandals, slippers, clog-style shoes, or other footwear that could be considered unsafe or dangerous are not acceptable.
    5. Clothing that is associated with or identified as a symbol of a gang or street club, lewd, vulgar, obscene, and libelous or denigrate others, may not be permitted in school.
    6. Cover all underwear with appropriate outer garments.
    7. Clothing must not promote and/or endorse the use of alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs and/or encourage other illegal or violent activities.