• General Contact Information


    James R. Barnes Chief Financial Officer (716) 816-3522 JRBarnes@buffaloschools.org
    John Bowen Senior Budget Examiner (716) 816-3544 JBowen@buffaloschools.org
    Charles Salvamoser Senior Budget Examiner (716) 816-4683 CSalvamoser@buffaloschools.org
    Kimberly R. German Associate Management Analyst (716) 816-3882 KRGerman@buffaloschools.org
    Ceara A. Fanelli Budget Examiner (716) 816-3443 CAFanelli@buffaloschools.org
    Rachel (Keller) Neyerlin Budget Examiner      (716) 816-4694 RKeller@buffaloschools.org
    Darlene Lewis Budget Examiner  (716) 816-1504 DLewis3@buffaloschools.org
    Timothy Pringle Assistant Management Analyst (716) 816-3010 TPringle@buffaloschools.org
    Lori Beiter Associate Account Clerk (716) 816-4923 LBeiter@buffaloschools.org
    Constance K. Calteaux Associate Account Clerk (716) 816-3643 CKCalteaux@buffaloschools.org
    Maria Wood Supervisor of Staffing for Budget (716) 816-3665 MWood@buffaloschools.org
    Deanna Rivera Supervisor Special Education (716) 816-7931 DRivera@buffaloschools.org
    Crystal E. Shirley Associate Account Clerk (716) 816-3710 CEShirley@buffaloschools.org
    Charter Schools Tuition & Enrollment BPS Charter School Website BPSCharterSchools@buffaloschools.org
    Non-Public Schools NYS Loan Program Texbooks, Hardware, Software & Library Materials   BPSBudget@buffaloschools.org


    Department Assigned Budget Liaisons

    Each department and General Fund Project has been assigned a budget liaison. The role of the budget liaison is to answer questions on the Approved Budget and explain the procedures for requesting changes to the Approved Budget (transfers and unbudgeted requests). We encourage you to contact your department assigned budget liaison with any questions or to request training for your department. Below is a link to a list of budget liaisons by department.

    List of Budget Liaisons by Department