Dress for Success



    • Head gear of any kind may not be worn in school. The only exception is for those whose religious beliefs require it.
    • Coats, jean jackets, jogging suits, gloves or clothing generally accepted as “outer wear” may not be worn in school.
    • Clothing that is deemed to be disruptive to the learning environment is not acceptable. Examples of forbidden clothing: halter, tank and tube tops, muscle shirts, short shirts, pajama bottoms, mini-skirts, see-through style clothing, tights, spandex style wear without long covering tops, clothing with obscene words or graphics, or demonic graphics (including skulls).
    • Jewelry that may be deemed a weapon is not allowed. This includes rings covering multiple fingers, spiked necklaces, belts with large removable belt buckles, key holders, chain-like neckwear or belts, ninja-type stars, etc. All belts bust be buckled.
    • Jewelry: multiple arm bracelets are not permitted (no more than two). Earrings are to be no more than 2” in diameter.
    • No backpacks or purses are to be worn during the school day.
    • Slippers, sandals, flip flops, clogs, clog-style footwear that are unsafe or unhealthy are not acceptable. Any footwear that exposes the toes is forbidden.
    • Clothing associated with gangs or street clubs is not acceptable.
    • Special clothing may be required in specific situations (Example-Goggles in shop class).
    • Skirts, dresses, skorts, shorts, cutoff pants must be within a minimum of 4 FINGERS from the middle of the kneecap when measured with fingers in the closed position and the students is standing straight up. Extra wide pant legs are considered dangerous and are not permitted in school. Also, there can be no sagging pants or jeans worn at any time. No ripped jeans or pants with holes/slits permitted unless tights are worn underneath so that skin is not exposed.
    • Visible tattoos of any kind are not proper school attire and are, therefore, prohibited.
    • Modest hair styles and cuts (NO extreme hair color or haircuts).
    • Piercing of the nose, tongue, or face area is NOT allowed.