• Art in GT

    Students in the Gifted and Talented Program will have numerous opportunities to experience the many arts programs existing at School 61, including dance, theater, music, and art. In addition to regularly scheduled classes, students will also take field trips, attend guest speaker assemblies, and participate in school-wide enrichment activities. 




    To further encourage and support arts development outside of the classroom, parents can find some tips from the following article posted on the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) blog. According to the article, "How Parents Can Nurture a Lifelong Love of the Arts," parents should provide opportunities for kids to explore within the context of the arts.

    • Provide materials such as paint, crayons, and clay.
    • Provide instruments to truly play, for fun. Consider plastic instruments for younger ages, along with real keyboards, guitars, drums, and other instruments. iPads and electronic apps can provide a partial experience. GarageBand, which comes with all Macs, allows kids to experiment with mixing music and composing their own pieces.
    • Play music in your home. Have family dance or listening parties. You can give your kids paper and crayons or pencil to draw or write what they imagine as they hear the notes.
    • Cook with your children. Experiment with new tastes and new combinations. Give them an “Iron Chef challenge,” and have them help you think up meals using limited or surprising ingredients.
    • When your parents are cleaning out their basement, take them up on that old typewriter or film camera! These tools are novel and can inspire kids’ creativity. You can also give kids old mobile phones to take photos or record videos.
    • Provide costumes for dress-up. Play improvisational games as a family. Encourage your children to stage homespun plays and short productions at family gatherings.


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