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    September 2021

    Welcome to school!!! I am so excited to be in our classroom this September and I can't wait to meet you all! See you on September 8th!

    August 2020

    Click the link below to stay informed and watch the BPS Parent meetings:

    BPS Parent Meeting Link


    June 2020

    It's been an unconventional school year to say the least! Thank you for all you have done to continue your child's learning at home. The teaching and learning was evident throughout the children's wonderful Seesaw portfolios. I loved chatting with the children over Zoom and hearing about all the exciting things they were doing! Mrs. Soto and I truly enjoyed our Easter and graduation visits with you and your child! Your child will always hold a special place in our hearts. Wishing you a wonderful, healthy summer with your family. Love Always, Mrs. Pliszka & Mrs. Soto

    Pre-K 2019/2020 Video


    Happy Mother's Day 2020!

    Happy Mother's Day!


    April 2020

    We were so happy to see the children!

    Happy Easter!

    Happy Easter!

    Happy Easter!



    October 2019 

    October is a busy month in Pre-K! We welcomed the arrival of autumn basking in the warmth of several beautiful days. Many colorful leaves have been discovered and we will enjoy making pumpkins, leaves and silly monsters to hang in the classroom. We have been busy learning about feelings and ways to show kindness to others. We are learning all about rhyming words and have had fun making silly rhymes! Ask your child to put on his/her imaginary rhyming hat and ask them if the two words you say rhyme! We will be beginning our theme, My Family. The children will learn to connect the theme to their personal experiences.

    In math we are starting to count objects and have learned some fun rhymes about shapes! We have been busy exploring our math manipulatives during math workshop.

    We will be observing National Fire Prevention week October 6-12th. We will be practicing fire drills and learning about important fire safety rules.

    Mark your calendars for Open House on October 17th!

    We will be having a Halloween celebration on Thursday, October 31st. More information will be going home as we get closer to the date!


    September 2019

    We have been learning all about our new school and making new friends. We are focusing on cooperation and getting along with others as the class is becoming familiar with the routines and expections of our school.

    Here are a few special ways you can reinforce at home what your child is learning in school.

    - Establish routines that will help your child to be attentive in school, such as getting plenty of sleep and being ready on time.

    -Ask the names of your child's teachers and classmates.

    -Talk about our school schedule and sequence of activites during the school day.

    -Ask your child to tell you about Tucker the Turtle and what he tells us to do when we get upset.

    -Practice belly breathing with your child to help calm them down.

    Most of all, promote cooperation at home every day, which will help your child make a smooth and postive transition to school!


    April 2018

    We have just finished learning all about our bodies and ways to keep it healthy. Your child should be able to identify his/her five senses and which body parts they use for them. We will be spending the next week learning about the author, Eric Carle and then moving into our next theme, Nature All Around Us. We have worked on letters Aa through Ss and will continue to learn Tt through Zz throughout the next three months. Your child should also be able to identify the beginning sounds in words and clap for the syllables in words. We will be reviewing rhyming and also working on onset rime over the next few months.

    We have learned a lot of fun math games that have taught us about ordering numbers, one to one correspondence, patterns and matching shapes. We have just started learning about measurment and will continue to review the math skills we have already learned throughout the rest of the school year.

    Please continue to read with your child daily. Ask your child to make predictions about the story before reading, can they retell the story to you afterwards?

    Thank you for your continued support throughout the school year!


    September 2018

    September was an exciting first month of school! We learned all about how to be good friends. The children are becoming acclimated with the classroom environment and each other. We have worked on letters Aa, Bb,Cc and Dd. The children have been practicing their rhyming skills through songs, poems and books. 


    One of the most important things I can do as an educator is to reinforce the connection between your children and your family. During the My Family theme, children will develop knowledge about how they are an important part of their family. They will begin to understand what families do and appreciate the uniqueness of each famly and the love that is shared. Showing kindness is the perfect way to share love.


    In math we have have been exploring our manipulatives and Building Blocks math games. We will be working on shapes and finding them within our everyday environment.


    Our Halloween party with be on Wednesday, October 31st. Please do not send your child to school in his/her costume. We are asking that you send your child's costume to school in a bag in his/her backpack. Your child's costume will need to go over his/her clothes. We will be going on a parade inside our school at 11:00 am. Thank you for your continued participation and support!