• We are off to a great start so far this year.  The children have made friends and have learned to follow rules.  Each day they are gaining more and more independence.  It has truly been a joy to have the privilege of spending each day with this wonderful class.

    One of the most important things we do in our classroom is to build connections between our children and their families.  By this time in the school year, most of your children have transitioned from being mostly at home to being actively involved in our classroom..During the next several weeks we will be learning about the importance of our families.  . So the Big Idea for this theme is “I am an important part of my family.” Children will learn to identify members of their family. We will learn how each family is different and that love is shared in all families.  Showing kindness is the perfect way to share love, and children will be encouraged to demonstrate kindness at home and at school.

    In math we are continuing to build on counting skills.   This includes verbal counting (saying 1,2,3,4,5 etc),  counting of small groups of objects, creating small collections (show me 5) , and comparing small quantities (which is more, less or the same). When children build these skills, they understand that counting helps tell how many and describes order.