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    Feel as though your ticket is not getting serviced quickly enough?

    Here’s how to maximize the potential of your School dude request and expedite your ticket resolution.

    We’re a team we care about your technical problems and we do not want to interfere with your daily productivity, however there is a process in place to service everyone’s school dude ticket efficiently.

    Please DO NOT put in duplicate tickets for the same issue. Your tickets are immediately routed and assigned to the proper tech groups. Your tickets are not going unnoticed. Tickets have to be delegated to techs and multiple tickets for the same thing will slow everyone down. Instead call for a Helpdesk update.

    The Incident Description section is your friend. Please be descriptive. We do not expect a book from you, but at max a paragraph will do just fine.  The more information the better. Here’s a few things that will help your ticket get resolved quicker and more efficiently.




    Things you should include:

    Username: wsmith123

    Error Message: “Your account has been disabled”

    Employee Number: 12345

    Time Available: 12:30 am Thursdays and Tuesdays

    D Tag (Service Tag/Asset Tag): D0123456 

    Verbiage that could delay your resolution:

    “It’s broke”

    “Won’t work”

    “Can’t log in”

     “Third request I put in”

    Time Available: ASAP


    5 to 10 minutes of your time filling in a reasonably descriptive ticket can save 3 to 4 days of delay.

    Please have “incident number” ready when you call for an update!

    Your incident number is like a serial number it helps the specialist pull your ticket up more efficiently. By looking your ticket up by last name or school it adds to the overall wait time. So it’s important to have your incident number ready when you call for an update.

    Lastly, give it time. The techs are not ignoring your request we are just making sure that all 13,000 users are being serviced to the absolute best of our abilities. Also, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to call the Helpdesk at 816-3510.