School 19 Request for Assistance

  • Please submit a request for assistance if a student needs anything that is beyond what you are providing in class in any area of life including academic, behavioral, social emotional, medical or developmental concerns, housing, basic needs, mental health, parent mentions needing support at home, Anything.  It's a quick, easy, one page form that is a way for you to flag a student for extra support.  When your request for assistance is received, it will be reviewed and referred to the appropriate person to help.  If it's academic, we will let coaches know. If it's mental health, we may refer the student to Baker Victory counseling. If it's basic needs, housing, or a home based issue we can involve Say Yes. If it's behavior, attendance, social emotional, academic, speech, ot, pt, etc. we can do interventions.  This form streamlines the process so that you don't have to go searching for someone to help a student.