Bullying and Harassment Resources for Parents

  • In the 2020-2021 school year, Buffalo Public School parents and caregivers will be provided with a training opportunity in bullying prevention and how to identify signs of bullying in their child(ren). This training will also give an overview of the Dignity for All Students Act in New York State. The webinar below highlights the BPS bullying reporting process. For questions about this training effort, please contact Nicole Bycina at ncbycina@buffaloschools.org.



  • The Buffalo Public Schools understands the important role that parents play in assisting the school in preventing bullying.  School staff and parents work together to create environments that are free from bullying, harassment and discrimination.  The district provides opportunities for parents to be informed, supported and share positive approaches that can help to address bullying.   Parents are encouraged to get involved in their child’s school through parent organizations, Saturday Academies, evening events, school teams, and classroom/school activities.  The Buffalo Public Schools encourages parents to continue to expand their knowledge and skills when it comes to keeping their children safe in neighborhoods and schools. 

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