North Park Community School BPS #50

Parent Testimonials

  • "My husband and I have been homeowners in North Buffalo for eight years. We absolutely love our neighborhood, our community, raising our family in the City of Buffalo, and all of the exciting things happening at #50 North Park Community School.

    Our son is part of the very first cohort of kindergarten students at #50 and we are thrilled with the experience that he and our family has had with the school. We are very happy with the community-oriented culture, his class size, the rigorous and effective academics, the extra curricular and Saturday Academy offerings, and our son’s social, emotional, and academic progress to date.

    We really feel like part of the school community and have familiarized ourselves with faculty and staff as well as with fellow parents in the neighborhood, all of whom have done the same with us. Many of us know one another by name, communicate and socialize outside of school when possible, and it is a very close-knit family friendly environment that allows you to be involved in the ways that best suit your schedule and your family life.

    Everyone is in it together, working to ensure the school is a success and on a strategic path to being an anchor for the neighborhood once again with activities, events, and other happenings on the North Park Academy lawn, a wonderful community meeting spot. Parent involvement appears to be quite high, our son is thriving, and for all of these reasons and more, we are big advocates of the school. I truly believe #50 will be (or already is) one of the best options in the district."

    -Emily Burns Perryman, Kindergarten Parent 




    "NPCS #50 has exceeded my expectations in its inaugural year. The faculty, staff, and administration present a united front, and it’s one that is warm, knowledgeable, committed, and enthusiastic. A clear focus on character, community, and strong academics is evident everyday. My daughter’s proclamation that “everyday is a good day” mirrors my own experience with this BPS gem."

    -Lindsay Jordan, Kindergarten Parent



    We had a difficult choice when it came to selecting a Kindergarten for our little girl. We toured all of the higher ranked public, charter, and private schools and got familiar with what they offered. When North Park Community School became an option, we got involved, and I’m happy to say that it has been everything the school district promised and more! Our daughter is thrilled to go to school every day, and has developed cherished relationships with staff, students, and families.

    The school’s focus on Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) has inspired her to want to be a scientist and an inventor. And, I was shocked to see her writing, reading, and comprehending small passages already! Daily, small group “Enrichment” has allowed her to move forward when she quickly picks up new material. Alternately she gets differentiated small group instruction each day if she feels behind.  

    It is awesome to be invited to so many activities that are offered in the building, such as the free Saturday Academies, Together Events, and Panther Celebrations. North Park Community School has given our daughter and our whole family a plethora of opportunities to be involved in her educational success!

    -Marcella Bulluck, Kindergarten parent and PTO President



    I met with Principal Graves in the summer of 2018 after we had recently moved back to the city of Buffalo to learn more about NPCS for my daughter, who would be starting pre-K. I was so impressed with Mrs. Graves’ vision, motivation and dedication to create a successful community school for North Buffalo families. 

    Mrs. Graves and the entire faculty at North Park Community School have more than delivered on their vision. My daughter’s first year of her academic career has been a total success in so many ways. She has made wonderful friends, she’s developed a love for learning and our whole family has enjoyed the community ties that the school, teachers and families put so much effort into creating. 

    We are thrilled to be a part of the NPCS family and look forward to watching our daughter and her schoolmates grow and thrive together!

    -Marielle Fitzgerald, Pre-Kindergarten Parent