• Summer Reading for those students entering Grade 8 in Sept. 2019



    What our ELA faculty expects you to read this summer 

    Choose one title from each list: 



    Feed                                                                     M. T. Anderson 

    Watched                                                               Marina Budhos 

    The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time    Mark Haddon 

    The Secret Life of Bees                                           Sue Monk Kidd 




    The Family Romanov: Murder, Rebellion, and the Fall of Imperial Russia      Candace Fleming 

    The Soul of an Octopus                                                                            Sy Montgomery  

    Brown Girl Dreaming                                                                                Jaqueline Woodson 



    Why we expect you to complete this reading 

    There are so many ways that reading a lot will help you as a student: it increases your reading speed,

    expands your vocabulary, and exposes you to time periods and places you aren’t able to visit yourself.

    Reading a lot doesn’t just make you a better student, though- it also makes you a better person. Studies

    have shown that the more fiction you read, the better you are able to understand and empathize with others.

    Reading allows you to access experiences you may never live through yourself, giving you a partial glimpse

    of what another’s life is like. 


    What you should do before you read these texts 

    Acquire a copy you can bring to school with you in September. 


    What you should do while you are reading 

    Enjoy! For the fiction title, think about what themes (big ideas about what it’s like to be a person)

    the author is trying to convey. For both, formulate an opinion. What aspects did you like? What

    didn’t you like? 


    How we will make use of the reading when we return to school 

    We will use the fiction title to write an essay about a major theme you see in the novel. We will use

    the nonfiction title to create presentations, in teams, highlighting different aspects of the books. 


    Additional things you need to succeed in English Language Arts for the upcoming school year 

    Three ring binder with loose leaf paper and four dividers 

    One composition notebook (or notebook with a vinyl cover) 

    1 box of tissues 

    Any required texts for the school year can be ordered through the school bookstore.


    Whom to contact for questions 

    Please email Mr. McDermott with any questions- amcdermott@buffaloschools.org