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    The Buffalo Public School District (BPS) Employee Handbook has been developed to provide general guidelines about (BPS) policies and procedures for employees. The Handbook is a guide to assist you in becoming familiar with some of the privileges and obligations of your employment. None of the policies or guidelines in the Handbook are intended to give rise to contractual rights or obligations, or to be construed as a guarantee of employment for any specific period of time, or any specific type of work. Additionally, these guidelines are subject to modification, amendment or revocation by the Buffalo Public School District at any time, without advance notice.


    The personnel policies of the Buffalo Public School are established by the Buffalo Board of Education, which has delegated authority and responsibility for their administration to the Superintendent of Schools. The Superintendent may, in turn, delegate authority for administering specific policies. Employees are encouraged to consult Human Resources for additional information regarding the policies, procedures, and privileges described in this Handbook.


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