• Employee Separation Procedures

    Employee Separation is the process of ensuring that an employee who voluntarily separates from the District is exited in a structured and orderly manner.  


    The employee separation process starts from the time the employee gives notice to their Principal/Supervisor about their intention to separate. Once the employee gives notice, the employee’s Principal/Supervisor is tasked with the process of ensuring proper handover of District materials and closure of work tasks allotted to the employee.


    1. Notice of Resignation

    Under NYS Education Law 3019a, Instructional/Certificated staff are required to provide 30 days' notice of voluntary resignation.  The District has the ability to waive the notice requirement if your vacancy can be filled in less time.  If you wish to request to waive the notice requirement, please email your subject area director and cc HRStaffing@buffaloschools.org.  


    Civil Service/Classified staff are encouraged to provide two weeks' notice to facilitate a smooth transition.


    2. Form for resignation notice

    All resignations must be confirmed in writing.  The District has created a resignation form template through Adobe Sign that will be automatically submitted to the appropriate departments upon verification of your electronic signature.  If you have not yet had an opportunity to use this software, please review the instructions first.




    Teaching Staff Resignation Form


    Administrator Staff Resignation Form


    Civil Service & Teaching Assistant Staff Resignation Form


    3. Exit procedures

    Resigning employees should utilize the BPS Employee Exit Procedures when meeting with their supervisors to ensure that all District property is returned and to provide an opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns about the upcoming transition.  


    4. Address Change

    It is the responsibility of the departing employee to notify the District if your address changes within one year of your resignation to ensure that benefits and tax information are received in a timely manner.  The Contact Information Form is found at www.buffaloschools.org/staff and is emailed to Human_Resources@buffaloschools.org, along with a scan or photo of legal picture ID (license, employee ID, etc.).  


    5. Final pay & Insurance/Benefits

    • If the resigning employee is eligible for compensation for accrued but unused vacation or sick time, it will be paid out consistent with your union's collective bargaining agreement. 


    • You will cease being enrolled in the District health insurance or waiver incentive/pool program effective the last day of the month in which you resigned. 


    • If you are enrolled in a Flexible Spending Account or Commuter Benefits Account, your enrollment will terminate effective on the date of your resignation.  You have 60 days to submit claims for qualifying expenses prior to your resignation.  If you have a remaining balance for your Health FSA, you will receive a COBRA notification.  Any remaining balance for Dependent Care FSA and Commuter Benefit Plans is forfeited.  


    • If you are enrolled in a 403b or NYSDCP 457b, it is your responsibility to contact the account representative to take actionable steps.