• Notification Registration for Vendors


    Notification Registration

    Vendors are recommended to pre-register with our Bonfire procurement portal. During the registration process you will be prompted to select the commodity codes you are interested in receiving notifications for. When we release an offering, we send an invite to all vendors with the commodity code(s) associated with the offering. Vendors may also elect to be notified of all offerings regardless of commodity code.
    For a short demonstration, click here: How to Register as a Vendor with BONFIRE
    Please note that registration with Bonfire is "system wide" and your registration will be available to all Bonfire users, not just the Buffalo Public Schools.
    Click here and select "New Vendor Registration" to get started.

    Vendor Identification Number

    When a department or school identifies a vendor of choice, they will work with the Purchase Department to process the purchase and issue a Vendor Indentification Number.


    New vendors are not entered into the BPS Vendor Database except and until a request is made by an internal BPS customer and approved by the Director of Purchase. A Vendor Identification Number will only be created upon the potential award of a purchase order.

    Eligibility for Consideration

    Vendors with an active exclusion listed on the United States Government’s System for Awards Management (SAM) will not be eligible for consideration for award.

    PLEASE NOTE: We never recommend “cold calls” or in-person visits unless requested.