• See the following plan for guidance during remote and hybrid learning:

    Remote Attendance Plan


    Attend Today, Achieve Tomorrow


    The attendance improvement strategies outlined in the district’s Comprehensive Attendance Improvement Plan include multi-tiered systems of attendance support. This strategy is designed to educate students, parents and community members of the importance of school attendance and provide support services to eliminate barriers that hinder regular school attendance. Regular school attendance translates into a better opportunity for academic success. Research has shown that “students with higher absenteeism rates” perform lower than peers that attend school (Ginsburg, Jordan, and Chang, 2014). The goal of our attendance improvement work is to get school staff, parents and students involved in students’ daily attendance to increase student success.  Multi-tiered strategies serve all students with attendance improvement; universal to include supports for all students (such as healthy attendance habits); tier 2 to include support for some students (such as check and connect) and tier 3 to provide individualized support for few students (such as homevisits and attendance improvement planning).