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    From NYS Information https://www.netstate.com/states/links/ny_links.htm

    "Natural Resources:   New York's fertile soil, mineral varieties and abundant water supplies are its important natural resources. Lead, talc and zinc can be found in the Adirondacks and the St. Lawrence Lowland along with industrial garnets used in watches and for sandpaper. Petroleum and natural gas are found in the western parts of the state. Clay, used in brick and cement manufacturing, sand, gravel, and stone, used in construction are found in the state. Granite, limestone and sandstone are valuable resources. Major salt and gypsum deposits are found in the central and western parts of the state. New York's ample supplies of water serve homes, factories, farms, travel and recreational activity. A massive amount of hydroelectric power is generated by the Niagara and St. Lawrence Rivers."


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