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    To provide the site administrator and other key personnel with the basic knowledge, skills and ability to understand and perform the administrative functions of the web community manager. 


    Course Description


    Participants will receive a hands-on introduction to the administrative features of the web community manager. Learn to create and configure users and groups and begin an initial setup of the website via all configuration workspaces. 


    Topics Covered



    • Website structure

    • Account settings

    • Viewing and administrative rights

    • Accessing site manager

    • Users and groups

    • Configure

    • Sites

    • Channel library

    • Section assets

    • Calendar assets

    • Apps

    • System settings

    • Finding assistance

  • ADA Compliance



    To learn how to make website content accessible to end users.

    Course description

    In this session attendees will get hands-on experience to learn about making their website content accessible and ADA compliant.

    Topics covered


    • Define accessibility

    • Set up a Page

    • Format text with Headings

    • Create Accessible links

    • Create Alternative tags for images

    • Understand how and when to use color

    • Create Accessible documents

    • Understand how tables interact with screen readers

    • Understand the different video caption types

    • Find Helpful Materials for compliance and accessibility errors